Let’s Talk Business

LTB 2017 is the premier business education and peer-to-peer networking event for rising Jewish business leaders. Brilliant keynote speakers. Content-driven agendas. Interactive programs. Powerful networking opportunities. These are the backbones of LTB 2017. And they’re the reasons why this summit is being hailed as a “must-attend” for Jewish businessmen and women across North America. Prepare to learn, aspire to grow, dare to lead: only at LTB 2017.

Founder’s Message

Learn. Grow. Lead.
The founder speaks.

Dear friend,

I’m pleased to introduce you to the upcoming LTB 2017. This is the Orthodox Jewish community’s premier business education and networking event, and I want you to be a part of it.

Featuring a strong and loyal following, LTB 2017 is viewed as a “must-attend” for serious players, industry leaders and motivated businesspeople looking to cultivate their skills.

This is a game-changing movement that has positively impacted so many lives and helped countless entrepreneurs from our community flourish by creating an unrivaled platform which fuses knowledge, tools and resources into a singularly vibrant experience.

It’s gratifying to see what an incredible impact the LTB initiative has made over the last few years. I’ve received hundreds of emails from past attendees who’ve implemented the many lessons and strategies taught—with resounding success.

We’re steadily reshaping the Jewish business landscape. And we’ve implemented feedback gleaned from previous year’s events to set the bar even higher.

At this year’s LTB 2017, we’ll be hosting a dazzling array of brilliant keynote speakers, content-driven agendas, interactive programs, and powerful networking opportunities. They’ve been hand-crafted and custom-designed to help you learn, grow and lead.

To my fellow entrepreneurs and businesspeople: I admire your strong work ethic; your pioneering vision; your passion for achieving new milestones. And I’d be delighted to greet you personally at LTB 2017.

Meny Hoffman
LTB Founder


  • Keynote Speakers

    Keynote Speakers

    Hear some of the world's most prestigious business experts and acclaimed thought leaders dish out real-world business lessons live - and reveal to you what it takes to lead the pack in business and beyond.

  • Breakaway sessions

    Breakaway sessions

    There are so many hard-and-fast strategies that you'll need to implement into your business. We've created and designed a variety of content-driven courses to tackle the demands of your particular trade.

  • Peer-to-peer Networking

    Peer-to-peer Networking

    Meet one-on-one with prominent Jewish business leaders and industry influencers from across North America. From successful entrepreneurs to savvy venture capitalists to veteran CEOs - they'll all be at LTB 2017.

  • The LTB Awards

    The LTB Awards

    The LTB Awards recognizes businesses that have shown exceptional innovation, leadership and growth. After an interactive voting process, winners will be announced live at the event.

Who Will Attend

People Going Places:
They’re Coming.

Based on past attendee statistics, the projected attendance at LTB 2017 is slated to hit the 1,000 person mark. Who will be there? Corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees hailing from across North America – uniting a lucrative market of leading Jewish businesspeople in numerous fields.

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Import/Export
  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • Medical Supply
  • Merchant Services
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Office Equipment
  • Payroll Services
  • Printing & Mailing
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Service Providers
  • Technology
  • Wholesale

The Top 5 Reasons why LTB 2017 is for you

  1. Discover
    new ideas

    You'll learn about innovative, visionary business ideas that solve problems and change perspectives. Spend a day outside the office to develop a fresh mindset that embraces change, fosters creativity and advances your leadership potential.

    You’ll hear powerful strategies delivered by business experts, community leaders, successful entrepreneurs. They’ll be telling you all about the easy-to-implement tools and tactics you’ll need to transform yourself into a business trailblazer.

    You'll be sitting in a unique environment that's buzzing with entrepreneurial energy and industry spirit. Gain a sense of empowerment and motivate yourself to skyrocket upward and tackle new milestones in business and beyond.

    You'll be networking with a very diverse crowd of active and serious businesspeople. They’re all looking to grow bigger and achieve higher levels of financial success. Here's your chance to make the right connections and go places.
  5. BOOST

    You'll be presented with a wealth of high-value resources to help you guide your ambitions, persuade you to think out of the box, and imbue you with a sense of passion to climb up the corporate ladder and lead like never before.


Good Questions Deserve Good Answers.

  • What is LTB 2017?

    LTB 2017 is the Jewish community’s foremost business event fusing knowledge, resources, and opportunities into a singularly dynamic platform. It aims to provide serious-minded businesspeople with the necessary knowledge and tools to learn, grow and lead in the world of business. The LTB platform was originally founded in 2013 and, on the heels of previous successful LTB events, the upcoming LTB 2017 promises to raise the bar as “the premier event for Jewish business leaders.”

  • Who is behind LTB 2017?

    LTB 2017 is being presented by Ptex Group, an award-winning marketing and business services agency – under the leadership of CEO Meny Hoffman – specializing in helping businesses flourish amidst a rapidly evolving marketplace. The  meaning behind the name and acronym of LTB 2017 is simple: “Let’s Talk Business.” A number of prominent community activists and business leaders have already joined forces, under the LTB 2017 banner, to further shape and cultivate the thriving Jewish business landscape.

  • What is the objective of this event?

    Geared toward entrepreneurs, business owners and employees of thriving companies, LTB 2017 will be coalescing some of the world’s most qualified corporate experts to help businesspeople navigate the complexities of everyday commerce. A hand-picked lineup of corporate speakers, skilled consultants and entrepreneurial success stories will be enlightening you and your fellow attendees with a powerful array of business concepts, takeaways and strategies to help you grow your business.

  • What types of people will be attending LTB 2017?

    LTB 2017 will be attracting a very diverse crowd of active and serious businesspeople from across the greater Jewish community. The common denominator, though, is that they’re all looking to grow their business bigger and achieve higher levels of financial success. To see the types of industries attendees will be hailing from, please click here. The event will be limited to a crowd of 600 attendees. As such, there are only 600 passes being sold for LTB 2017. The event is open to both men and women. All passes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Which types of businesspeople will gain from this event?

    This event was created for businesspeople from the Jewish community who are currently working in the world of commerce. You can be anything – a working professional, store owner, warehouse manager, business owner, salesperson, consultant, or any other title you can imagine – and you can be operating in any industry. As our hundreds of past attendee testimonials prove, LTB 2017 can help your career immensely – by offering you a wealth of high-value resources to help grow your business, and ultimately, profits.

  • I'm an employee. Will I benefit from LTB 2017 even though I'm not the boss?

    Yes. Employees are the backbone of every successful company and you’ll stand to gain tremendously from the dynamic content. But why not ask your boss to consider sponsoring you (and your co-workers) for the day? Encourage him or her to view it as investing in the people running the company. LTB 2017 has discount packages for companies sending groups of 5 people or more. Plus, we’ll even send your boss a special email asking him or her to send you to LTB 2017. Click Here to view it.

  • Is this going to be a full-day event or should I just set aside a few hours of time for it?

    This is going to be a full-day event in every sense of the word. LTB 2017 will open at 8:45 AM and continue throughout the day with a jam-packed agenda lasting until 6:00 PM. As such, we recommend you dedicate the entire workday to attending LTB 2017.

  • What address should I put into my GPS when driving to LTB 2017?

    The Rockleigh is located at 26 Paris Avenue, Rockleigh, NJ 07647. Some GPS users may need to input an alternate township address: 26 Paris Avenue, Northvale, NJ 07647.

  • How Much Are Entry Passes For LTB 2017?

    Prices will be discounted for those taking advantage of the early-bird registration offers; the prices will rise as LTB 2017 approaches. For pricing details, please click here. Being that LTB 2017 is only selling a limited amount of passes, the availability of entry passes on the day of the event cannot be guaranteed. As such, LTB 2017 strongly suggests that those wishing to attend the event purchase their passes as early as possible. Any registration canceled on or prior to September 1, 2017 will receive a full refund – with the exclusion of a $25 processing fee.

  • What are the LTB Awards, and how do I apply?

    The LTB Awards are a new feature of LTB 2017. Stay tuned for more information—we’ll be updating this page as the event gets closer.

Hotel + Travel

Hotel + Travel

The Rockleigh
26 Paris Avenue
Rockleigh, NJ 07647

In close proximity of 30 minutes to the New York region, surrounded by rolling hills and impeccable gardens, The Rockleigh blends sophisticated elegance and old-world charm for an experience like no other.  Featuring majestic ballrooms, luxurious amenities, and historic architecture, this distinguished country club sets the tone for LTB 2017.

LTB was an eye-opener. The event showed me the world beyond my office cubicle, and how much our organization can benefit and grow.

— Chana Gluck, LTB 2015 Attendee