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I really want to go, but…

You want to attend LTB 2017. But you’re not sure if your boss will pay for it. Or if he’ll let you take the day off at all. We figured this might happen. So we penned a special email to show your boss why sending you to LTB 2017 will be the best thing for him.

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Hi [Boss],

Hope you’re doing fine. This email is from the folks at LTB 2017. We’d like you to know that your employee,[Employee], really wants to attend this conference on September 6th at The Rockleigh of New Jersey.

You’re probably wondering: what is LTB 2017? And why does [Employee] want to go? Is it worth attending?

All good questions.

LTB 2017 is the Jewish community’s premier business education and career development event. This must-attend conference has proven to be a pivotal game changer for employers and employees alike. We’ll be featuring brilliant keynote speakers, content-driven agendas, interactive programs, and more – all to help people learn, grow and lead.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Leadership  & Management
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Sales & Negotiations
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • And Much More…

See what Chaim D. an attendee at last year’s LTB Summit, had to say about why it was so valuable from an employee’s perspective:

“LTB was an eye-opener… this event showed me the world beyond my office cubicle. I walked away seeing how our company can grow, and with practical business knowledge that will help us thrive.”

So what do you say? Fact is, [Company] really stands to benefit. Are you ready to invest in your company’s future by sending [Employee] to LTB 2017?

Check out to learn more about how you’ll all gain. Then click here to buy them a registration pass. It’s time to lead the pack.

The LTB 2017 Team

P.S. Who else in your company would benefit from attending LTB 2017? Just click here to send them as well.